Introduction to Word Notes

The following word studies used a specific approach to gather a lot of information into one place. Following the same basic approach, you can compile word studies of your own for personal or group study.  This approach helps gather an overview of how various words are used in Scriptures in many (or even all) their forms and supplies the references needed to research these uses as far as one likes. The compiled data follows this basic outline:

*Note - These studies use the King James Bible.

(1) English Defintions - Bring together important defnitions of the word in English
(a) List Webster's 1828 Definition.
(b) List Nelson's Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible.
(c) List any other dictionaries of interest. Suggestion for future studies: Oxford English Dictionary.

(2) Hebrew and Greek Definitions
(a) Using Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, list out all of the forms of the word in that English translation.
(b) Using Strong's Guide to Bible Words list all of the Strong's numbering for all forms of the word.
(c) Bold (or highlight) the Strong's numbers that are most pertinent to the study.
(d) Using Strong's Hebrew/Greek Dictionary, list out the definitions of the most important words.
(e) List out more definitions using Brown-Drivers-Briggs Hebrew and Thayer's Greek Lexicons as well as other Lexicons.
(f) List Vine's Expository Dictionary (if applicable) for all major forms of the word.

(3) Occurences in the Bible
(a) Using the King James Bible Concordance (obtainable with e-Sword Bible Software or theWord Bible Software), compile a list of all major Hebrew and Greek words and how they are translated in the King James Bible.

*Note - The first 3 steps above are the main portion of these notes, steps (4) and (5) are additional and more important on the reflection and application of the studies.

(4) Questions
(a) Compile a list of questions associated with the word; this study used the book Bible Readings for the Home.

(5) Quotations
(a) Compile a list of significant quotations on the word. This list used quotes found in quote books such as Exploring the Heart and Mind of the Prince of Preachers and The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations. Another recommendation would be The Complete Gathered Gold by John Blanchard.

The above takes some time to compile, and requires a bit of editing, but when completed you will have distilled a tremendous amount of resources into a few pages of notes.
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