Here are some links to useful programs and messages.

~Bible Software:

  • e-Sword (Free; Windows) - Several Bible versions, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Devotions, etc.
  • theWord (Free; Windows) - Free high quality Bible software.
  • Logos Bible Software (Retail; Windows & Mac) - Bible Study has never been easier. More than 12,000 ebooks now available to take your Bible study to the next level.
  • Puritan Hard Drive (Retail; External Hard Drive; Windows & Mac) - 12,500+ Reformation Resources. This one is not a download but comes on an external hard drive.

~Sermons, Lectures, & Readings (Audio & Video):

  • KJV Audio Bible - Downloadable KJV in MP3, presented by Firefighters for Christ.

~Seminary Courses:

Here is how to obtain your own media library of seminary courses to help you dig into the theology of God's Word. These are legitimate courses from reputable seminaries and offered for audit for FREE!

First, you need to download and install iTunes.

Then, you simply do a search for the following seminaries and begin downloading whatever courses which look interesting to you. If you have enough hard drive space you can build a "seminary library" on your computer to work your way through at your own pace. The seminaries represent a variety of theological & doctrinal persuasions but all should be within protestant denominations.

Do searches in the iTunes store for the following seminaries:

  • Reformed Theological Seminary (Reformed) -- Courses include teachings on: Biblical Theology, Reformed Theology, Systematic Theology, Church History, Puritans, John Calvin, C.S. Lewis, et al.

  • Covenant Theological Seminary (Reformed) -- Courses include teachings on: Biblical Theology, Reformed Theology, Calvin's Institutes, Francis Schaeffer, et al.

  • Concordia  Seminary (Lutheran) -- Courses include teachings on: Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Lutheran Confessions, Hermeneutics, et al.

  • Dallas Theological Seminary (Dispensational) -- Courses include teachings on: Theology, Study Methods, Counseling, Leadership, Greek, et al.

If you are looking for even more courses, you may want to check out the Distance Learning of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Reformed) as they offer loads of courses which may be purchased for auditing for a fee (usually <$40 per course) and downloaded via iTunes. *UPDATE* - PRTS has changed things around so the courses they offered previously may not all be available. If you are interested in distance learning for personal study or auditing I recommend contacting them concerning what courses are available.

Furthermore, you can watch courses offered by The Master's Seminary online at their Theological Resource Center free of charge.

You can also lookup the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford on iTunes as they sometimes have some interesting courses (e.g. an Anglican course @ Cambridge and some stuff on the King James Bible @ Oxford as well as studies in philosophy and the English language, et al.).


Here are some recommended podcasts which you can search for via iTunes.

  • Answers ... with Ken Ham - Short, two-minute answers.
  • Bible Greek Vpod - Helpful introduction to Biblical Greek.
  • Knowing the Truth Radio Program
  • Covenant Radio Broadcasts
  • Creation Today Video Podcast
  • Dispensationalism
  • The Master's Seminary
  • Messages from Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Podcast
  • Philosophy for Theologians
  • Puritan's Podcast
  • Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Puritan Voices
  • Reformed Classics - Quality readings from the first two chapters of John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge Edition).
  • Reformed Forum Podcast
  • ReformedCast
  • Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul
  • Theology Unplugged
  • Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • The Westminster Larger Catechism
  • White Horse Inn
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