Reformed Theology

Here you will find articles intended to aid your understanding of historic Reformed Theology. Below you will find resources dealing with important, yet sometimes controversial, doctrines such as the five solas of the Reformation, the five points of Calvinism, Covenant Theology, and the purpose of the Law. This section deals largely with Theology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, and Ecclessiology.

The Five Solas of the Reformation:

Five Solas Overview
Sola Scriptura ~ Scripture Alone
Sola Gratia ~ Grace Alone
Sola Fide ~ Faith Alone
Solus Christus ~ Christ Alone
Soli Deo Gloria ~ Unto the Glory of God Alone

The Five Points of Reformed Soteriology:

I. Prefatory Issues
a. Initial Importance of Such a Study
i. Theology and Anthropology
ii. Historical Significance
iii. Practical Concerns
b. Concerning the Use of Labels and Theological Terms
II. Post-Creation Anthropology
III. Post-Fall Anthropology
IV. The Godhead at Work: The Work of the Father
V. The Godhead at Work: The Work of the Son
VI. The Godhead at Work: The Work of the Holy Ghost
VII. Post-Conversion Anthropology
VIII. Post-Glory Anthropology
IX. The Decrees of God

Reformed Covenant Theology:

Covenant Theology Overview
Covenant of Works
Covenant of Grace
Dispensations Subordinate To Covenants
Israel and the Church

The Purpose of the Law:

The Law of God: An Expression of Who God Is
The Threefold Use of the Law
The Relationship of the Law to the Gospel

Lordship Free Grace:

The Nature of God:

The Eternality of God
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