The Conscience, It's Threefold State, and Instructions to Developing a Good Conscience

According to Scriptures, the conscience can be either a good conscience (one that is conformed to the word of God), a seared conscience (one that does not accuse when it should and excuses when it shouldn't), or a weak conscience (one that accuses when it is fine to do what is being done).

Because of this theefold state of conscience, the conscience cannot be a sure guide to defining what is right or what is wrong as one person's conscience may approve of a thing done while another person's conscience may disapprove of the very same thing. However, it is still very important to follow one's conscience while the conscience becomes increasingly conformed to the word of God. As Martin Luther famously said, "[T]o go against conscience is neither right nor safe."

It is also important to avoid searing one's own conscience. As a general guideline one ought to patiently wait upon the Lord to clear the conscience rather than hastily removing pangs of conscience.
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