The Five Pillars of Christian Ministry

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In this day and age we see a great deal of discernment being dropped in favor of worldly craft in the attempt to do things the way we think they ought to be done. In truth, we often choose our ways over God’s and wonder what is wrong. Yea, even because of our distorting of the truth we cannot even discern good fruit from false. What we see as the appearance of good may not be good at all because our standards are not in line with God’s and His word and ways have not permeated the cores of our very beings. This occurs in both our public and private lives, in that which is seen of men and in that which is hidden. And because the Church is the pillar and ground of the truth it would be apparent that the state of the Church would verily affect the lives of individuals. Whether or not ministry is being done our way or God’s way is the issue we raise here. Our desire ought not to be to take over the Church with our own wisdom and riches and might but with the power of the living God and the treasures we have in His promises to be stablished in His wisdom, and the glory of His riches, and with the power of His might.

The Word of God: An Emphasis on Biblical Expository Preaching centered upon the Lord Jesus Christ with a balance of Milk for the Babes, Meat for the Mature, & the Bread of Life for the unconverted.

Biblical Expository Preaching

Biblical – Sola Scriptura; The Word of God should be our governing rule and all our dogmatics should be derived or deduced from the Bible.

Expository – Expositional Exegesis of the Word should be the primary method of explaining the Word of God to the flock of Christ.

Preaching – Bold Proclamation of the Word should be in response to our humble attitude that it is God speaking and His words that we are handling.

The Lord Jesus Christ

Lord – All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to the Son and He should be recognized as such.
Jesus – The center of our faith and hope ought to encompass all the desires of our hearts, the thoughts of our minds, and the actions of our works.
Christ – The Saviour of all who believe on Him should be trusted and relied upon for positional justification, experiential sanctification, & final glorification.

Milk, Meat, & Bread
Milk – The Fundamental and simple truths of the believers’ life in Christ should be proclaimed clearly for the newly born that they may grow thereby.
Meat – The Depth of God’s word should be gradually delved into as the flock grows so that they may continue to grow instead of being hindered and stunted in their growth.
Bread of Life – The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ should be proclaimed with the command that all men everywhere should repent and believe in this gospel to the salvation of their souls so that any visitors or people in the congregation may hear and believe to the conversion of their souls.

Prayer: Humble Reliance upon the Holy Spirit to Quicken the Word within us unto the Application of His grace and truth within us unto the Glory of God.

Worship: Devoted Reverential Praise to God the Father through Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs.

Fellowship: Ministering to the Body of Believers through Spiritual Gifts unto Edification.

Evangelism: Obeying the Great Commission to Seek and to Save the Lost and an Equipping thereto.
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