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This page was last updated: 2/3/2017
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Questions for Arminians

(1) Is God able to create a being which genuinely loves and yet is upheld in love by His grace?

(2) Is the believer upon reaching glory saved entirely from the power of indwelling sin so that from that moment to eternity he walks in holiness never to stumble again?

(3) If he does, how is this state of holiness accomplished in the person and how does this coincide with the concept of Libertarian Free Will?

(4) Does God save the sinner from his sins, or does God merely save the sinner from the consequences of his sins on condition that the sinner first saves himself from his sins?

(5) If God saves His people from their sins, then does this include the sins of unbelief and non-repentance?

(6) If you hold to the Arminian doctrine of Prevenient Grace, does God give faith and repentance on condition that the person simply stops resisting it?

(7) If God gives faith and repentance on condition that the person stops resisting it, how does non-resistance differ from faith itself, or that faith does not include such non-resistance?

(8) If they do differ, does God procure also this non-resistance for the person? If yes, then does God procure it absolutely or upon some condition? If upon condition, what is this condition and is it also procured for the person (and if yes, absolutely or upon condition), ad infinitum?

(9) If the benevolence of God demands that He offer salvation to every individual, did God offer a way of salvation to the fallen angels?